About 7 Wonders

About 7 Wonders

An avid traveller and a successful entrepreneur, who was vividly looking for his next venture,

had an aspiration to integrate his business and passion of meeting people from all over the world.

There, an idea was created, to be a facilitator and accommodation provider back in his own land, to travellers just like him.

Together with his friends and team, a journey was embarked, to meet and have chats and dialogue sessions with tourists already in/looking forward

to coming to; the Sunny Island Set in the Sea, Singapore. A common thread followed all of them, the City of Singapore is too expensive particularly staying in to this country. 


The motive was then set, how to provide an excellent and classy, yet affordable accommodation for travellers?

With inspiration from the Japan concept of capsule sleep boxes and backpacking with unique bunk beds with your own privacy that offer services that matches star hotels,

the plan was then developed very carefully for the set-up of a Boutique Backpacker Hostel.

From several top-notch interior designers, one concept and design were selected and there it began, the build-up of a new, avant-garde hostel. 


To create a wonder and attract people from the 7 continents in the world to his wonder, the hostel was named 7 Wonders Hostel. 


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